The Michigan Legislature frequently considers bills related to immigrants and their rights–bills that would make English Michigan’s official language, or exempt farmworkers’ portable toilets from otherwise applicable sanitation rules, or many others. Unlike the largely professionally dominated lobby, committee, and hearing structure used in the U.S. Congress, even modest numbers of citizen advocates can have an impact by attending Michigan legislature hearings.

MIRC would like our help advocating in Lansing for policies that implement the Torah command to “love the stranger.” (Deuteronomy 10:19).  (As Mussar founder Rabbi Israel Salanter said, “Another person’s physical concerns are my spiritual concerns.”)

One project that could fit here would be a kids’ letter writing project; unusual mail, especially from young people, can catch legislators’ attention. So this activity could be for Bar/Bat Mitzvah projects or work with young people through youth groups, or even for a family tzedakah project as a pre-Passover or Counting the Omer activity.

Let us know if you want to participate in or help coordinate community letter-writing and hearing-attendance.

We Were Strangers Contacts Coming Soon.
In the meantime, use the “contact us” page to sign up.