Some of the organizations we collaborate with could really use volunteer support on their websites and other communications ; this includes both (not very complicated) technical support and also work on the content.

MIRC (read all about MIRC here) could use a crack web-support team.  This would be a few long-term, committed volunteers who could:

  • Help update and maintain two websites: and
  • Help build a weekly “News Digest” — a compilation of Michigan news stories affecting immigrants.
  • Help build a catalog of media stories in which MIRC and its clients appear, to assist in future grant applications.
  • Maintain MIRC’s contact/google group lists.
  • Support MIRC’s blog.
  • Help draft “legislative alerts” to send to MIRC’s “constant contact” list recipients.
  • Work with MIRC’s staff to help draft/coordinate a periodic MIRC Newsletter.

Ideally, 2 to 3 people would be able to devote 1-2 hours per week each, consistently, for at least the next year but ideally for longer.

In addition, MIRC would love assistance from a volunteer with graphic design skills.

Interested?  Contact one of these We Were Strangers members: